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*AA Namibia

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AA Namibia

International Cooperation

AA Namibia is a full member of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Founded in 1904, the FIA brings together leading national motoring organisations from 132 countries worldwide and is the governing body for world motor sport. Within the FIA, AA Namibia is a full member of FIA Region I and the FIA African Council of Touring and Automobile Clubs (ACTA).

The FIA African Council works with national and international authorities to:

  • Represent the voice and interests of member organisations for the development of motoring, touring and road traffic in Africa;
  • Improve the range of services provided to motoring tourists and travellers in Africa through cooperation with fellow member organisations, and reciprocal service agreements.

Promote and cooperate with governments and other organisations on issues such as traffic laws, regulations and road safety.

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Shop 17, Bougan Villas, Sam Nujoma Drive







+264 61 224 201


+264 61 222446

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