CYMOT (Pty) Ltd.

CYMOT (Pty) Ltd.

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CYMOT is well versed in the supply and distribution of head to toe PPE and safety equipment

Several versions of Hard Hats different colors, styles etc
Several versions of ear plugs Disposable and reusable, ear muffs,
Several versions of Goggles and safety spectacles
Several versions of respirators, half masks, full face masks, air stream systems, cartridges etc.
Several versions of Uniforms and work ware
Several versions of Overall’s, J54, 100% Cotton, 65/35 poly-cotton, 50/50% poly-cotton (many colors of all types) as well as denim and boilers (with and without reflecting tape
Several versions of gloves, mechanical, precision, chemical, electrical, PVC, freezer, leather and general (cut/ abrasion / puncture/ tear)
Several versions of harnesses half and full body
Several versions of kidney belts all sizes
Several versions of Socks
Several versions of Safety Shoes and Boots, (men’s and ladies)
Several versions of Gum Boots (long and short) all colors (soft and steel toe)
Several versions of Chemical suits for light to sever chemicals
Several versions of face shields
Several versions of Freezer clothing (head to toe) 1pce, 2pce
Several versions of warning and danger signs
Gas detection
Barrier support (tapes and reflectors)
Buggy whips and rotatory lights

CYMOT stocks a lot more than only the above, and CYMOT holds bulk stock on all items
All goods can be delivered free of charge from any one of our 13 branches country wide,
CYMOT can assist with onsite distribution and Stock management
A dedicated Sales rep can be allocated to manage the account to ensure single point of contact if required
Large telesales team for additional support
Free consultations and product advice
Free training on the use and capability of any product sold as similar products differ in their design and application

For more information please call the NamSafe team at CYMOT

We are Serious about Safety

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