Listings Form Guide

If you’re used to completing online forms you shouldn’t have any problems. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Once you’ve completed the form and pressed “Continue”, you can still use the “Back” button to return to the form and make changes, if you wish. The next “Continue” button takes you to the Payments page.  If you have any questions or concerns, e.g. you don’t see a category that’s relevant to your business let us know. We’re as close as an email and always happy to assist you!

but-1  Search Description >  Category  > accommodation-menu  > Select from the drop down menu the category most suitable for your business, e.g. Accommodation > Windhoek > Guest House.

but-2  Main Description  > Full Description  >  Enter your sales profile text.

but-3  Additional Details  >  Enter your contact details. Fields marked with * must be completed. The drop-down “Country” is set to Namibia as the default but you can change it if your business is in another country.

but-4  Display Map  >  Map Location > This is where you create your own map. For example, if your business is in Swakopmund you should enter Namibia Swakopmund in the ‘Map Location’ field and the map will automatically zoom to Swakopmund. You can click and drag the map to centralise your location. Next, zoom into your area and street by using the or  buttons on the left hand side of the map or your mouse scroll function. Then simply position the cursor hand over your exact location and click. A red pin will appear. Your map is now complete.

but-5   Upload Attachments >   but-select   > simply navigate to the folder on your computer where you have stored your logo and / or images you have edited. Read about image editing here.  Upload your images individually. Easy Profile listings only display 1 image, i.e. your logo or a thumbnail photograph. Picture Perfect listings display one image i.e. your logo or thumbnail photograph and you have the choice of uploading up to nine larger photographs for your image gallery. If you wish, upload just a few to start then add more later.

but-6  Terms and Conditions > Please read them. By ticking the check-box you agree to our terms and can then click the Continue button which takes you to a page displaying your entry details on the form. You have the option of clicking “Back” to the form where you can make any necessary changes or click “Continue” to the payment page.

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