Meet Our Team!

Great online services like are rare and special. Through the years, we’ve worked hard to make it so, interweaving our skills to provide you with a smooth, seamless and highly-rewarding online experience. What’s more, we stand behind all we do. If you ever need help or advice about anything on our website, you can always communicate with a real, friendly human being.

Just drop us an email anytime.

Enjoy our website. It has been carefully crafted especially for you and your business-to-business needs by one of the most professional teams you’ll ever meet. And here they are!

 keith-1 Keith Irwin
Keith is the dynamic founder and proprietor of the Namibia 1-on-1 Group. This successful venture encompasses,, classified ad site and the country’s richest information hub, Keith’s intelligent digital design and programming skills make us shine. And as a user of our sites, you’ll appreciate how well we serve your practical needs – thanks to his lifetime of diverse technical and commercial experience. Contact Keith
 dean-1 Dean Theisinger
You no doubt found our website quickly, thanks to Dean, an internationally experienced IT developer and expert on SEO-ing. For non-digital folk, that means he helps all the search engines to locate us and place us near the top of your first page. Dean also maintains our website security, hosting and generally makes the whole technical side operate with seemingly effortless ease.
 jude-1 Jude Irwin
Formerly the co-founder and Marketing Director of one of the UK’s top 10 interactive media companies, Jude adds creative sparkle to the way we present ourselves to the world. She also keeps her finger on the pulse of global trends that will help our Group’s websites stay at the leading edge of online excellence and customer service.
 monika-1 Monika Tobias
As our Communications Facilitator since 2007, Monika takes care of all our data entry and updating. Keeping crucial database information present and correct takes a lot of time and constant, tireless effort, and we couldn’t function without her able, year-round attention to each and every detail.



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