Namibia Cross Border Fees

Driving in Namibia:

  • Foreign registered vehicles: You Must be in possession of Proof of Ownership of The Vehicle Owner / License / Plus Police Clearance Certificate. The Chassis, Engine Number, Trailer Number, and License Details will be checked by the Police from the country you are leaving and also by the Namibian Police on Entry into Namibia and Departure. If your vehicle / Trailer documents are not in order they will not be allowed to enter Namibia.
  • A Cross Border Entry Fee: Is payable when entering Namibia. The list of charges is below.
  • Insurance: You should consult with your insurers before commencing your journey and ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for your vehicle, loss or theft of belongings and medical health including medi-vac.

Namibia – Rules of the Road:

  • Driving is on the Left Hand side of the road.
  • The maximum speed limit on open roads is 120 km/hr (75 mile/hr).
  • The maximum speed limit in towns is 60 km/hr ( 37 mile/hr).
  • Documentary proof of ownership of the vehicle along with a police clearance certificate are required if your are driving to or from Angola or Zambia.
  • Car hire companies will provide the necessary documentation if the vehicle is rented on the basis for cross border use.
  • All passengers are required to wear seat belts.
  • Drivers must be in possession of a valid driving license at all times.
  • The use of cellular phones when driving is illegal.

All foreign registered vehicles entering Namibia are subject to Cross-Border-Entry-Fee charges.

  TABLE A: Cross-Border Charges (Entry Fees) for foreign registered vehicles (Effective from 1 May 2015)  
Type Description (Petrol & Diesel Driven)  Entry Fee N$
1 Motor cycles, motor tricycles,motor quadru-cycle, caravans and light trailers drawn by   type 2  154
2 Motor cars, single & double cab goods vehicles (bakkies), 2×4 & 4×4 goods vehicles (bakkies), minibuses (less than 25 pas  242
3 Light goods vehicles / delivery vehicles (Gross Vehicle Mass less than 3,500kg)  506
  Heavy Vehicles: single units  
4 Bus with 2 axles (carrying capacity of 25 or more passengers).  572
5 Bus with 3 axles (carrying capacity of 25 or more passengers).  726
6 Single unit truck with 2 axles  572
7 Single unit truck with 3 axles  726
  Heavy Vehicles: traction unit as part of a combination vehicle  
8  Truck-tractor with 2 axles  572
9  Truck-tractor with 3 axles  726
10  Truck-tractor with 4 or more axles  979
  Heavy Trailers: as part of a combination unit  
11 Trailer with 1 axle 374
12 Trailer with 2 axles  572
13 Trailer with 3 axles  726
14 Trailer with 4 axles  979
15 Trailer with 4 axles or more  1,188
  Construction Vehicles  
16 Tyre dozer, grader motor, front end loaders, excavators, self propelled vibrator rollers  2,013
17 Any other vehicle not listed  385
  Regular User Permits  341
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