Namibia Customs & Excise Regulations & Allowances

Namibia Customs & Excise Regulations & Allowances

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All goods and gifts, acquired abroad or in any duty-free shop including goods bought duty free on an aircraft and/or ship are subject to payment of customs duty and Value Added Tax (VAT), when brought into Namibia. As a concession however, travellers may qualify for the following:

  • Certain duty-free allowances.
  • A flat rate assessment; on goods brought into Namibia as Accompanied Baggage.


  • Visitors from Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU) countries are exempt from paying import customs duty. Personal effects such as binoculars, cameras, clothing, jewellery etc. are free of duty for visitors to Namibia. All visitors are allowed duty free per person:
  • Returning residents should note that goods acquired abroad and sent to Namibia as Unaccompanied Baggage do not qualify for any allowances.
  • Cigarettes 400
  • Cigars 50
  • Cigarette or Pipe tobacco 250 grams
  • Wine 2 litres
  • Spirits or other Alcoholic beverages 1 litre
  • Perfume 50 ml
  • Toilet water 250 ml
  • Persons under 18 are not entitled to tobacco and / or alcoholic beverage allowances.
  • Other new or used goods to the value of N$ 1250.
  • Other new or used goods (excluding television receiving sets) of a total value not exceeding N$ 1 250 per person.
  • Additional goods, new or used, of a total value not exceeding N$ 10 000 per person (excluding goods of a class or kind specified above, inclusive, of this item). Such goods, if brought in from: – outside the Common Customs Area – CCA (more than N$ 1,250 up to N$ 10,000) are dutiable at a flat rate of 20% inside the Common Customs Area – CCA (i.e. Republic of South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland), are duty free.

Passage Through Customs:
NEVER try to hide or mislead Customs officials. Anything, which is not properly declared, may be detained.
NEVER bring into Namibia prohibited goods such as narcotics, illegal drugs in any form, automatic weapons, military weapons, unnumbered weapons, poison and toxic substances.
NEVER bring into Namibia any restricted goods such as endangered species and firearms – provided you are in possession of the necessary authorisation / permit.

Failure to comply with the above may result in severe penalties and / or imprisonment.

At the Airport:
Selection of the RED or GREEN Channel
After passing through Immigration and collecting your baggage, you may select either the Red or the Green Channel to pass through Customs Control.

Where the dual channel system is not in operation, report directly to the Customs official on duty and declare all goods in your possession.

You may select the GREEN Channel if:

  • You only possess goods that fall within your duty-free allowance.
  • You do not have any prohibited or restricted goods in your possession.
  • You do not have goods, or goods intended for re-sale, in you possession.
  • You do not have gifts, or gifts carried on behalf of others i.e. goods sent by persons overseas to persons in Namibia, in your possession. These goods are subject to customs duty.

Should you be in doubt of anything, select the  RED CHANNEL.

Border Posts:
If you are entering Namibia in a vehicle, make sure that all persons travelling with you know what goods they have to declare.
All goods subject to Customs duties are to be declared with the Customs officials.
Duties And Obligations When Declaring Baggage:
When declaring baggage, whether verbal or written, you must ensure that you declare ALL goods in your possession, as well as their correct values.
When Customs officials request you to make a written declaration, the prescribed declaration form must be completed.

Registering Goods For Re-Importation Into Namibia:
Personal effects: sporting and recreational equipment that Namibian citizens take abroad fall within your duty-free allowances upon your return to Namibia. In order to prove that certain identifiable items, specifically valuables such as jewellery, watches, camera, cine and video cameras, radios, etc., were in fact taken with you from Namibia; it is necessary that they be registered for re-importation. Such items should be produced at your nearest Customs office for identification and registration before your departure from Namibia.
Please note that in the event of your valuables not being identifiable by means of a serial number or identification mark, the matter should be discussed timeously with Customs in order to ensure that suitable identification, e.g., by means of photographs, seals, etc., is available prior to your departure.
Goods that cannot be identified as goods taken from Namibia, may qualify for the duty-free allowances of N$ 1,250 on “other goods” at the flat rate of 20%.
Should you decide to have jewellery that you took with you from Namibia remodelled, processed or repaired while outside Namibia or should you decide to exchange your jewellery for other jewellery, you must ensure that you obtain and retain documentary evidence of the transaction.
Temporary import of vehicles: more information can be obtained from Namibia Customs: tel: 061 209 9111

(Source, Ministry of Finance, Department of Customs and Excise Jan 2008)

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