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Namibia Immigration - Passports, Permits and Visa Requirements

Namibia Immigration (1)

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We receive plenty of emails asking the questions that are answered on these pages, so please take some time to understand what exactly is required for your visit to Namibia. Having the relevant forms with your information correctly entered is essential.

Visitor Travel Documents:
You must ensure that your travel documents are in order before leaving your country of residence. Namibia Immigration Officials are very strict regarding the validity of travel documents. Should your passport expiry date, or VISA particulars  not comply with the requirements of the Immigration Control Regulations, you may find yourself being detained and then placed on the next available flight out of the country.

A maximum period of 30 days (per year) is permitted for Business Visitors ** (please see note below.)

A maximum period of 90 days (per year) is permitted for Tourist Visitors

** Extensions to these periods can be applied for from:

Ministry of Home Affairs.
Cohen Building, Kasino street
Private Bag 13200, Windhoek
Switchboard: enquiries, Tel: +264 61 292 2111, Fax +264 61 292 2185

Business Visitors. The term applies to business visitors who will not be working in Namibia and will not be receiving any remuneration from a Namibian company for their services. Business Visitor example.

Namibia Immigration Control Act, 1993, (Act 7 of 1993)

To regulate and control the entry of persons into, and their residence in, Namibia; to provide for the removal from Namibia of certain immigrants; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

Port of Entry: No person shall enter Namibia through any place other than a port of entry, unless permission has been granted him or her by Namibian Immigration Authorities. A person seeking to enter Namibia shall before entering Namibia present himself or herself to an Immigration officer at a port of entry. An immigration offer shall, if he or she is satisfied that a person seeking to enter Namibia complies with laws of the Immigration Act 1993 and is not a prohibited immigrant, permits persons to enter by endorsing the passport or travelling document carried by such person.

Persons failing to comply shall not be permitted to enter Namibia by the Immigration officer.

Provisional permits can however be granted at the discretion of the Immigration officer. Such Provisional Permits shall not exceed 2 months.

Entry requirements: Any persons seeking to enter Namibia must produce a valid passport of country of origin. No persons other than Namibian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Namibia shall travel throughout Namibia, unless such person is in possession of a  TRANSIT VISA issued for such purposes. The Minister of Home Affairs may authorise the issuance of a Transit VISA to any person as he may wish:

Foreign nationals visiting Namibia must be in possession of a valid passport. The validity of the passport must extend for a period of not less than six months from the date of entry into Namibia. A return or onward travel ticket and adequate financial means are also required.

You must ensure that your travel documents are in order before departing on your trip. Namibia Immigration Officials are strict regarding the validity of travel documents. If your passport expiry date, or VISA does not comply you will find yourself being refused entry into Namibia.

VISAS  are not required for business visitors or tourists from the following countries:

1 Angola, 2 Australia, 3 Austria, 4 Belgium, 5 Botswana, 6 Brazil, 7 Canada, 8 Cuba, 9 Denmark, 10 Finland, 11 France, 12 Germany, 13 Hong Kong (SAR), 14 Iceland, 15 Ireland, 16 Italy, 17 Japan, 18 Kenya, 19 Lesotho, 20 Liechtenstein, 21 Luxembourg, 22 Macau, 23 Malawi, 24 Malaysia, 25 Mozambique, 26 Netherlands, 27 New Zealand, 28 Norway, 29 Portugal, 30 Russian Federation – including the Commonwealth of Independent States of the former Soviet Union, 31 Singapore, 32 South Africa, 33 Spain, 34 Swaziland, 35 Sweden, 36 Switzerland, 37 Tanzania, 38 United Kingdom, 39 United States of America, 40 Zambia, 41 Zimbabwe.

Further Information  About VISAs  can be obtained from:

For Standard Visas:
The Ministry of Home Affairs,
Private Bag 13200,
Tel: +264 61 292 9111,
Fax:+264 61 223817.

For Diplomatic Passports or Liassez Passer
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Private Bag 13347
Tel: +364 61 282 9111
Fax: +264 61 265397

Special Permits
Persons may apply for Permanent Residence Permits through the Chief of Immigration, and such residence permit shall only be granted if the person satisfies the Immigration Selection Board on all matters prescribed in the Immigration Act 1993.

Persons wishing to work in Namibia can only do so with an Employment Permit issued by the Chief of Immigration.

The Chief of Immigration may, on application of any person who has complied with all the relevant requirements of the Immigration Act 1993, issue such persons with Student’s Permit.

Immigration officer:
When a person who enters or has entered or is found within Namibia, on reasonable grounds is suspected of being a prohibited immigrant in terms of any provision of this Act, an Immigration Officer may-

  • if such person is not in custody, arrest such person or cause him or her to be arrested without a warrant; and
  • pending the investigation to be made in terms of Section 42 subsection (4) by such immigration officer, detain such person pr cause him or her to be detained in the manner and at a place determined by the Minister, for a period not exceeding 14 days.

An Immigration officer may board ships and (prohibit or) regulate traffic between ships and shore.

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