Namibia Tourism Board (b) Registration

Application for Registration of a Regulated Business

Namibia Tourism Board (b) Registration

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  1. An application in term of section 24 of the Act for the registration of a regulated business must be made in the approved form and be accompanied by:
  • (a) Proof of the applicant’s right of occupation of the premises, if any, from which the regulated business will be operated.
  • (b) A certified copy of any permit, approval or other form of authorisation which the applicant is required to obtain from any authority, other the Board, in terms of any other law.
  • (i) To conduct the category of regulated business to which the applications relates or:
  • (ii) To render any service or carry out any other business or activity in or in association with the regulated business or if an application for such a permit, approval or authorisation is pending, proof to the satisfaction of the Board that the application has been made, with particulars of the nature thereof.
  • (c) In the case of the applicant being a company or close corporation, a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation of the company or the close corporation.
  • (d) A written statement setting out the activities, facilities and services to be provided to clients.
  • (e) If an environmental impact assessment plan is required to be submitted for approval to any authority in terms of any law in respect of a business operation or activity, proof of such approval accompanied by a copy of the plan.
  • (f) A safety and emergency response plan setting out particulars of equipment and appliances to be provided and measure to be applied in relation to a particular activity offered by the regulated business.
  • (i) For the safety of clients participating in the activity and:
  • (ii) To deal with an emergency that may arise from the participation of clients in the activity.
  • (g) Any other information or documents prescribed by the regulations or which the Board requires in connection with the application and:
  • (h) The appropriate application fee (see Annexe 1).

2. If it is proposed to provide in connection with any activity of the regulated business:

  • (a) A service for the transport of clients, either as an integral part of the activity as a courtesy service or for recreational or any other purposes’ the application in terms of sub-regulation (1) must be accompanied by proof that the applicant has taken out general passenger liability insurance cover with a registered insurer for a minimum amount of N$2.5 million
  • (b) Any service for the recreation of guests to be carried out under the guidance or supervision of a staff member or any other person engaged for that purpose, the application in terms of sub-regulation (1) must be liability insurance cover, including professional indemnity cover, with a registered insurer for a minimum amount of N$2.5 million

The Definitions of Operators and the Requirements for Registration, and the Obligations of Registered Operators: to be complied with by registered operators are as prescrib4ed in the annexes to these regulations, as follows:

“Operator” in relation to a regulated business, means the person 

  • (a) By whom or on whose behalf the regulated business is conducted or is to be conducted, whatever the nature or extent of that person’s interest in the business may be or:
  • (b) Who for the time being receives, or is entitled to receive, the proceeds of the profits arising from the regulated business.
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