Namibia Tourism Board (c) Certificates & Discs

Certificates of Registration and Discs

Namibia Tourism Board (c) Certificates & Discs

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 Issue of Certificate of Registration and Discs:

1. On approval of an application for registration of a regulated business and upon payment of the appropriate registration fee, the Board will issue to the applicant:

  • (a) a certificate of registration in the approved form and
  • (b) a disc bearing the name and emblem of the Board in respect of each vehicle, vessel or aircraft to be used for the conveyance of persons in connection with any activity of that business.

2. An operator must

  • (a) display the certificate of registration of the regulated business in a conspicuous manner at the reception area or office of any premises at which the business is conducted, or if such display is not practical, an inspector or any member of the public,  and
  • (b) display on every vehicle, vessel or aircraft the disc issued in respect thereof.

Lost or Damaged Discs:
An Operator who wishes to replace a disc that has been lost, damaged or destroyed, must apply in writing to the Board for a replacement disc and pay the appropriate replacement fee (see Annexe 1).

What Offences are Related to the use of Discs?
An offence is committed by a person who:

  • (a) Uses a disc on his/her motor vehicle that has been lawfully issued in respect of that motor vehicle by the Board.
  • (b) Is not the owner of a regulated business registered in accordance with by these regulations, and with the intention to deceive uses a disc issued by the Board without the Board’s consent, or uses a token or sign resembling a disc issued by the Board to operators or:
  • (c) As the operator of a registered business fails to comply with the above.

Display of Certificate of Registration and Notice.
The operator of every registered regulated business must ensure that the following items are displayed at the reception area or any office or place where clients or prospective clients are served:

  • (a) The certificate of registration issued in respect of the business; and
  • (b) The notice below.

The business, being registered as a regulated business under the Namibia Tourism Board Act, 2000 (Act No 21 of 2000 ), is required by law to comply with certain minimum requirements relating to services, facilities and activities provided. If satisfaction is not obtained from the ma a management, a written complaint may be made to the Chief Executive Namibia Tourism Board, Private Bag 13244 Windhoek.

Compliance with the Requirements and Renewal of Insurance Premiums

  1. The operator of a registered regulated business must ensure that the requirements prescribed for registration in these regulation are complied with at all times during the duration of the registration of that business, including requirements in respect of any service of facility that the operator has contracted out to be provided or managed by any other person.
  2. The operator of a registered regulated business who is required to take out insurance cover must (a) ensure that the insurance premiums payable under the relevant policy are regularly paid on the due date and (b) provide proof to the Chief Executive officer of the payment within seven days after expiry of the due date.
  3. An operator of regulated business who fails to comply with the above requirements commits an offence.


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