NTB Annexe 10: Trophy Hunting Operators

NTB Annexe 10: Trophy Hunting Operators

Full Description

 Trophy Hunting Operators means persons conducting business by providing services and facilities to tourists for hunting game for trophy purposes

The requirements for registration and the obligations to be complied with by registered operators are as prescribed in Annexe 10

For registration as a trophy-hunting operator, the operator of the business must

  • provide services and facilities to tourists for hunting game for trophy purposes;
  • qualify for registration in accordance with paragraph 2.

The following persons qualify for registration as a trophy-hunting operator:

  • An individual who is the the owner or lessee or the holder of any other right to the possession and use of land which is registered under the Nature Conservation Ordinance of 1975 as a hunting farm or a quest farm registered under the Namibia Tourism Board Act, 200;
  • Any individual, company, close corporation partnership or other association of person holding a right to hunt game for trophy purposes on any land in accordance with the Nature Conservation Ordinance 1975;
  • The spouse or domestic partner or a child of an individual referred to in paragraph (a)
  • The case of a company or a close corporation which is an owner or lessee or the holder of a right referred to in paragraph
  • a director of the company or a member of the close corporation;
  • the spouse or domestic partner or a child of a person referred to in sub-paragraph (i);
  • An employee of a person referred to in paragraph (a) or (d) who
  • resides on the land concerned; and
  • is registered as a professional hunter or hunting guide under the Nature Conservation Ordinance, 1975;
  • In the case of land comprising a conservancy declared under section 24A of the Nature Conservation Ordinance, 1975 in respect  of  which a trophy-hunting quota has been allocated by the minister responsible for environment, the chairperson of the relevant conservancy committee.

3. A trophy-hunting operator who provides accommodation to guests, either in fixed premises or in tents or other temporary facilities not being premises or a facility registered as an accommodation establishment under the Act, must comply with the following requirements in relation to the accommodation and facilities provided

3.1 Fixed Facilities

3.2 Bedrooms

  • At least one, but not more than four bedrooms for guests must be provided
  • Minimum floor area of each bedroom is m2;
  • Windows of bedroom must be not less than 1 m2 in total and provided with curtains or blinds;
  • The entrance to each bedroom must be provided with a lockable door and key;
  • Each bedroom must be provided with
  • Adequate beds for the number of persons occupying the bedroom, complying with the following:
  • Minimum Size – single bed: 180 cm x 90cm double bed: 180 cm x 135 cm;
  • Mattresses Must have inner spring s or foam rubber or an equivalent substance with a minimum thickness of 12cm, provided for children;
  • a mirror of at least 250 cm2
  • a wardrobe or other storage facilities for clothes and other belongings, at lest one until of which must have a serviceable lock;
  • if not fully carpeted, one floor mat, tanned skin or similar floor covering for each bed of at least 1m2, or one piece of similar floor covering of at least 2.4 m2 to serve all beds;
  • a waste-paper basket; and
  • at least one tumbler per guest

3.2.1 Bathroom and toilets:

  • Bathrooms and toilets facilities must be provided for guests separate from those for the operator’s household and staff.
  • Floors must be of impervious material or concrete.
  • Baths, showers and washbasins must be provided with hot and cold running water
  • Each bathroom must be provided with
  • a washbasin;
  • a mirror of at least 45 cm x 30 cm, with an adjacent shelf;
  • sufficient towel rails hooks or rings;
  • a soap holder and soap; and
  • a washable bath mat.
  • Each toilet must be provided with
  • a toilet bowl with a lid;
  • a toilet-paper dispenser;
  • toilet paper; and
  • a sanitary bin with a lid
  • Bathrooms and toilets must have water-borne sewerage draining.

3.1.3Dining room/lounge

  • Dining-room and lounge facilities for guests may be provided either in the facilities of the operator’s household or separately and must provide adequate seating for guests.
  • Meals or suitable cooking facilities for the preparation of food by guests must be provided.

3.1.4 Kitchens, wash-up and food storage areas

  • Facilities may be either those of the operator’s household or may be provided separately for guests.
  • Floors must be of an impervious material or concrete.
  • Each work surface must be of stainless steel, marble granite or other impervious material
  • All walls must be tiled to a height of at least 125 cm from the floor and coated with washable paint above the tiles, or if not practicable; be coated completely with washable paint.
  • Adequate refrigerators or other cold-storage facilities must be provided.
  • At least one sink with hot and cold running water must be provided for the washing of dishes.
  • Adequate and hygienic food storage areas must be provided.
  • There must be no direct access to a toilet from the kitchen.
  • Kitchens, wash-up and food storage areas must be kept clean and free of insects and rodents.

3.4 Laundry Facilities

Facilities for the washing, cleaning and ironing of guest’ clothes and other belongings must be available on or off the premises.

3.2 Tented or other temporary accommodation:

  • Each tent or other temporary accommodation unit must be provided with
  • a bed and mattress or sleeping bag for each guest;
  • a lockable storage box or safe;
  • adequate lighting;
  • suitable facilities for cooking and the washing of dishes;
  • ablution facilities which must be kept in a clean and hygienic condition at all times.

3.3 Facilities and services in relation to accommodation

  • Clean bed linen and bath towels in sufficient quantities must be provided for each newly arrived guest and be changed at least once per week
  • Bedrooms, in a fixed establishment must be cleaned daily.
  • Bedrooms dining rooms lounge and kitchens must be properly ventilated.
  • A fire extinguisher or other suitable fire-fighting appliance must be provided in readily accessible places on the premises.
  • The inside and outside of all permanent buildings and the premises of the establishment must be kept clean and in good repair
  • A first-aid kit must be available in a readily accessible place.
  • Staff members engaged in serving guest must at all times be clean and suitably dressed.
  • An operator must ensure that staff members engaged in preparing handling, serving or selling food or beverages comply with the provisions of Chapter XIX of the General Health Regulations Promulgated under Government Notice No. 121 of October 14, 1969.
  • Guests must have 24-hour access to accommodation facilities. If a staff member is not available at all times, guests must be provided with keys to the premises and their rooms.
  • Guidelines and instructions reasonably required for advising guests in relation to risks inherent in the hunting operations and the environment must be provided either in writing or in a formal presentation.

5 Requirements in respect of hunting activities

  • Every trophy-hunting operator must ensure
  • that only Hunting Guides Master Hunting Guides or Professional Hunters registered under Nature Conservation Ordinance, 1975 are engaged in guiding trophy hunters while on a hunting excursion
  • that every vehicle used for hunting is equipped with
  • appropriate seating facilities for hunters
  • holding facilities for a rifle; and
  • a first-aid kit in a readily accessible position;
  • that on every vehicle used for hunting the Board’s disc is displayed as required by regulation 9 (2);
  • that equipment and facilities provided for hunting activities are kept in a good repair and can be activated effectively.
  • A Suitable place for slaughtering animals and salting trophies must be provided as well as appropriate equipment and appliances for such operations. A gantry-type slaughtering facility must be provided.
  • Facilities for the testing of rifles must be provided by the operator and located in such a position as to prevent any risk of injury, harm or damage to any person, animal or property
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