NTB Annexe 11: Vehicle Rental Operators

NTB Annexe 11: Vehicle Rental Operators

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Vehicle Rental Operators means persons conducting business by providing services to tourists for hiring motor vehicles for travel, either with without inclusion of the services of a driver to operate the vehicle

The requirements for registration and the obligations to be complied with by registered operators are as prescribed in Annexe 11

1. For registration of a regulated business as a vehicle -rental operator the operator of the business must provide services to tourists for hiring out motor vehicles for travel, either with or without inclusion of the services of a driver to operate the vehicle

2. The operator’s business must be conducted from fixed premises and operator must ensure that

  • the inside and outside of all permanent buildings and structures and any grounds where clients are received or which are used by them or to which they have access, are kept clean, tidy and in good repair at all times; and
  • at least one toilet is provided for clients.

3. The operator of a vehicle-rental business must ensure that

  • details of services offered, conditions of rental and tariffs are clearly displayed at the premises of the business or are made available in the form of a brochure
  • a register is kept at the business premises of all vehicle used and provided by the operator for rental purposes to clients at any given time. An operator must supply a copy of that register to the Board on request; and
  • vehicles provided to clients under rental agreements are in a roadworthy condition at all times and comply in all respects with the provisions of the road traffic and Transport Act relating to the use of a vehicle of the Particular class on a public road.

4. A rental agreement offered by an operator must contain, or be accompanied by, a brochure or statement setting out information and options in relation to

  • the conditions subject to which vehicles are offered for rental by the operator, which must also be explained to the client verbally and conditions on speeding and travelling on gravel roads must be highlighted in the agreement; and
  • any motor vehicle and travel-insurance cover obtainable from registered insurers, including insurance cover for emergency medical expenses, personal accident, return of mortal remain personal liability and other risks.

5. Upon conclusion of a rental agreement, the operator must provide the client with a copy of that rental agreement containing, or accompanied by, the conditions applicable to the agreement

6. Breakdown, tow-in or other roadside assistance services must be available.

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