NTB Annexe 05: Conference Centres

The requirements for registration as an operator

NTB Annexe 05: Conference Centres

Full Description

Conference-Centre Operators means persons conducting business by providing facilities, equipment and services for the holding of conferences, not being a facility that form part of and is conducted by a registered accommodation establishment;

The requirements for registration and the obligations to be complied with by registered operators are as prescribed here.

1. For registration as a conference-centre operator, the operator of the business must provide facilities, equipment and for the holding of conferences, not being a facility which forms part of, and is conducted by, a registered accommodation establishment.

2. The operator of a registered conference centre must ensure that the following requirements are complied with:

  • All meeting rooms, including furnishings, equipment and appliances, must be in good state of repair;Meeting rooms must
  • have sufficient natural or artificial lighting
  • have sufficient and effective ventilation or air -conditioning;
  • be provided with adequate power points for conference equipment; and
  • be provided with a minimum of one black or white board as standard for the room.
  • Meeting rooms seating 150 people or more must be provided with sound amplification system and microphones.
  • Separate toilets for each of the sexes must be provided at the ratio of at least one toilet for every 25 delegates.
  • Suitable facilities for the registration of attendants of a meeting must be provided.
  • Adequate parking facilities for vehicles on the premises must be provided.

3. In addition to the requirements of paragraph 2, the following equipment must be made available and provided on request:

  • Slide, film, overhead or multimedia projectors with screens.
  • Video cassette recorders with television sets.
  • Photocopying, telephone and fax facilities.

4. A sufficient number of good quality chairs and conference tables to permit a variety of seating configurations.


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