NTB Annexe 06: Foreign Tour Operators

NTB Annexe 06: Foreign Tour Operators

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Foreign Tour Operators means persons conducting business from a base elsewhere than in Namibia and providing services for bringing tourists from a foreign country to tourist destinations within Namibia.

The requirements for registration and the obligations to be complied with by registered operators are as prescribed in Annexe 6

1. For registration as a foreign tour operator, the operator of the business must conduct business from a base in a foreign country provide a service for brining tourists to tourist destinations within Namibia.

2. An operator must be in possession of insurance cover as prescribed, which is obtained either from a registered insurer in Namibia or from an insurer registered in accordance with the laws of another country and providing equal cover for an event occurring in Namibia.
3. A foreign tour operator who uses a motor vehicle which is not registered and licensed in Namibia under the Road Traffic and Transport Act for a tour through any part of Namibia, must ensure:

  • that the vehicle has a current roadworthy certificate or other similar document issued by a competent authority of the country where the operator is based as prescribed in section 58(4)(B) of the Road Traffic and Transport Act.
  • that in respect of any tour undertaken to Namibia which constitutes cross-border road transport in accordance with the provisions of Part II of Chapter 6 of the Road Traffic and Transport Act, a cross-border permit as required by those provisions as held by the operator.

4. An Operator Must Ensure:

  • that every person employed to accompany and provide services to clients on a tour in Namibia who is not a Namibian citizen is authorised by an appropriate permit or other authorisation issued under the immigration laws of Namibia to perform work of the kind in question in Namibia
  • that every person employed to drive a motor vehicle transport clients in Namibia is in Possession of a valid driver’s licence issued under the Road Traffic and Transport Act, or a valid driver’s licence or other document authorising the driving of a motor vehicle of the class in question which in terms of section 41 of the Road Traffic and Transport Act is deemed to be a driver’s licence for the purposes of that Act;
  • if transport of tourism is provided by means of a motor vehicle in respect of which an operator card is required to be held in accordance Chapter 6 of the Road Traffic and Transport Act, that a valid operator card is displayed on that motor vehicle in the manner prescribed by that Act; and
  • that every vehicle used for transporting client carries in a read accessible position
  • a first-aid kit; and
  • a fire extinguisher.

5. The operator or at least one employee of the operator must be in possession of a recognised first-aid certificate and such person must accompany clients and be attendance for the duration of a tour.

6. Every vehicle used for conveying clients in Namibia, Whether owned by the operator or hired, must bear

  • clear identification of the operator’s business on both sides of the vehicle; and
  • the Board’s disc as required by the regulations.

7. If tour includes outdoor camping, the following must be provided to clients

  • accommodation in tents or other suitable structures, each of which must be provided with
  • a camping bed for other each person, fitted with a mattress sleeping bag; and
  • an appropriate means of lighting;
  • a lockable container for the safekeeping of valuables of clients;
  • suitable washing and cooking facilities;
  • equipment and facilities reasonably required for the comfort and leisure of clients; and
  • suitable toilet and sanitation facilities.


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