We are a well-established and highly ethical company. Both (93/135) and all our sister businesses, including , and make every effort to ensure that all information you give us about yourself remains strictly confidential.

Below we have provided a summary of the data protection measures taken by Namibia One on One Marketing Services (Pty) Ltd., owners of all the websites mentioned above. We’ve given you answers to all the questions you might ask in clear, non-technical terms so that you can feel at ease and secure when you use our online services.

Q: What personally identifiable information do you collect about me?
A: We require users to provide us with a name, email address, contact telephone numbers, city or town of residence, and country. We may also ask for the name of your business, job title and relevant information that allows us to place it within the correct category or classification. We store all this information for our data processing.

We may also collect personal information from you via enquiry and feedback forms, and we record your details every time you email us. We also log IP addresses, i.e. the location of your computer on the internet, for troubleshooting and systems administration purposes. Occasionally, we use IP addresses to track a user’s session, but we do not link IP addresses to personally identifiable information.

Q: How do you collect information about me?
A: We collect data about our users in two ways: via cookies, and through information provided on forms such as the registration page and any other questionnaires or forms we email throughout the year. (Read about cookies below).

Q: What is a “cookie” and why do you use them?
A: A cookie is a small, numeric text file that is sent by the Web server to your computer browser, which then stores it on its hard drive. Every time you return to a website you’ve visited before, that cookie recognises you; this means that you don’t need to remember your registration information, username or password each time you enter. So cookies are a good thing – they make your use of the whole Web a lot faster and more convenient! They also make it possible for us to personalise your Home page or whole websites; that’s why you’ll sometimes see your own name at the top!

We may also use cookies to track registered or unregistered users as they travel through our websites. For instance, we might count the total number of unique users who visit the site over a week or month. Also, by recording your preferences, such as the site pages you visit most or choices you make, we can show you banner and box advertising that’s relevant and of most interest to you.

The use of cookies in all these ways helps to make our systems more efficient and to serve you better. If you want to enjoy the time-saving benefits of cookies, check your browser preferences (browsers include: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc) and make sure you have selected “enable cookies”.
Note: If you access our websites from a computer in your workplace, please be aware that firewalls set up by your company network may prohibit the use of browser cookies.

Q: How will you store my information, who else will see it and how will it be used?
A: Any information you provide to us will be held in a very secure manner on our web servers and not on your machine. It cannot be accessed by anyone but our own carefully vetted employees and colleagues who contribute to our website analysis, design and maintenance.

We never rent, trade or sell your details to third parties unless you specifically make an online request that allows advertisers and / or third parties to offer you information, goods and services of interest to you.

We will only share your information with carefully chosen, reputable and trustworthy third parties, e.g. external companies who act on our behalf as data processors for internal business purposes. Data processors will abide by the Privacy Policy detailed here and will never disclose personal details to any other organisations or use your data for any purposes except those required by our company.

Occasionally, we will compile statistics about our customers, sales, traffic patterns and related website information and provide them to reputable third-party vendors. Statistical analyses of website user behaviour can measure who is most active or interested in various areas of our site. Understanding what users like most allows us to create better, more helpful and informative sites for everyone in future. It also tells our members and advertisers how many visitors have seen their page or clicked’ on their listings or ads.

We promise you that our statistics will never include personally identifying information. They are always “aggregated” – i.e. your own information will be anonymous and will simply be grouped with data about similar users to chart a pattern of interests, characteristics or online choices.

Your personal details will never be seen on their own and you will never be targeted as an individual by any third party vendor for any future communications or promotions. N.B. Is this correct? Can we guarantee that? Or does this imply what we deny below, i.e. that we are not responsible for what happens once they link to a vendor who lists/advertises?

Q: Will I be contacted by you in future, and if so, why?
A: Yes, may periodically email you with important news about changes to our websites and improvements in the services offered by sister websites or our listings members and advertisers.

You always have the option to unsubscribe to our email updates. If you wish to opt out of receiving such information from us, please use the Unsubscribe option included in all our email correspondence. Alternatively, send an email to: stating that you would prefer not to receive such mailings.

Important Notice:
If you use, register on or list/advertise as a member of or its sister websites, you are automatically deemed to agree to the use of your personal information as described above.  We are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of any web sites to which may link, including those of our listings members and advertisers.

Following registration, we will employ a registration cookie to recognize a subscriber and his or her access privileges on as well as to track site usage.

(Q). Will a website or organizations outside of group of sites be able to steal my ID and password?
(A). No. Only Namibia One and One Marketing Services (Pty) Ltd. can read the information about your ID and password that you submit when registering.

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