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but-home  To the Homepage of our website.

but-promote-with-us  View features and examples of our listing packages and provide your business details and images here.

but-direct-messages  This page explains our unique messaging service. It works 24/7 all year round, sending email alerts about customer or prospect enquiries to your computer / mobile device when you list as an “Easy Profile” or “Picture Perfect” member. more >>

account-login1 As soon as you place your listing with, you’ll become a Registered Client. We will then email you a unique password for accessing your account, useful tips and time-saving tools.

but-my-account  Takes you to the page containing all of the following items:

 accts-my-account My Account Details:  Here you can edit your details or change your password anytime.
 accts-my-messages My Messages: Read all your business or professional enquiries here and create your own responses.
 accts-my-listings My Directory Listings: If you created and uploaded your own listing, you can edit or update it on this page whenever you wish. If our team created it, simply contact us and we’ll make the changes.
 accts-new-listing Add a New Listing: Want to promote another of your businesses via Need listings for more branches or location? Do it here!
 accts-my-favorites My Favourites: On this page, all of our “Easy Profile” and “Picture Perfect” members can save the searches they do, e.g. for businesses in a particular category such as “Food & Beverage”, and place them in their “Favourites” folder. They can open this folder at any time and see their saved lists in alphabetical order. Plus our system will automatically alert them of new listings in their favourite categories.

but-quick-guide  This is the page you’re reading.

but-rewards Each time you add a listing or introduce a new member company to our “Easy Profile” or “Picture Perfect” listing, we will reward you with a generous payment direct to you bank account. This page explains our Rewards Program. more>>

but-your-feedback On this page, we invite all our members to make even better by contributing comments, suggestions, and alerts about companies that may have moved or ceased trading. more >>

but-contact  To email us at

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 listings-form-guide A short guide on how to create your listing.  more >>
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