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Website Design and Content – Let us help you to think through the communication needs of your potential customers. We’ll ensure they find what they require online quickly, and lead them toward the action you require – e.g. booking or ordering. We guarantee clean, attractive design plus engaging content (text and imagery). Choose a format you can easily update, or retain us to refresh and manage ongoing development.

Logo Design and Branding Guidelines – Clear up the clutter and strengthen your brand. We’ll create a logo – or a choice of three – to fit your brief to give your business an appropriate, recognizable and memorable identity. Then, if you wish, we will produce guidelines to help your staff apply your branding correctly every time: the right colours, sizes, and fonts shown in the right position both online and in print.

Marketing Plans – How can you achieve your business goals if they aren’t well defined and communicated to everyone that matters? Whether your business is small and just getting started… or large and well established, a marketing plan is essential to keep everyone on your team focused and “pulling in the same direction”.

Promotional Copywriting – If committing your marketing messages to paper or an online medium is more painful than going to the dentist, let us help! We have decades of experience in composing on-target, reader-friendly communications.

Supplier Location and Vetting – Important projects and tenders require broad knowledge of Namibian businesses and BEE legislation, awareness of international standards plus skillful interview techniques. We recently completed an extensive vetting exercise for a well-known multi-national corporate that was seeking reliable suppliers for a new power plant in southern Namibia. They loved our attention to detail, dogged determination and clear reporting style. We gave them a wealth of precious information in a much shorter time than they could have achieved on their own – and at a fraction of the cost.

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