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“Just want to congratulate you on a job well done. Finally a complete directory for Namibia.
All the others trying to be a directory should rather close down.
Keep up the good work!”

– V. & R. Engelbrecht, Swakopmund

Dear Keith

Thank you for this. This problem has been going on for many years, and usually the callers are from Durban and they insist that they are the official namiban telephone directory. It’s hardcore telemarketing which for me is just a nuisance as I am the only person in the office, and I know that my real Namibian telephone directory is accounted for.

For anyone who has employees who are not aware of this, the people are intimidating to the point that an employee would think they had missed paying the account, and would therefore be in trouble if they didn’t sign the order quickly.
Thank you for the warning – I am sure other business will appreciate this also.


Val Gallagher
Mountain View Corporate Apartments

“I just want to thank you for your service. I’m not sure how much feedback you get from users of your website, but I just want to tell you it has served me immensely well. Keep up the good work!” – Conrad, MedScheme

“Thanks to, we’ve grown our local and overseas client base substantially and a number of large international companies are working with us on projects here in Namibia.” – Michelle Crawford, Intergate Namibia Immigration

“Many thanks for forwarding these Direct Messaging business leads to us. Hope they come off as it’s our last day in the business! Yes, we’ve sold at last and look forward to doing other things. Just wanted to thank you for all you help and the business you’ve sent us.” – Marion Potgier, African Adventure Balloons.

“Dear Keith,
Thanks. I really appreciate the personal service you gave me. Coming to my studio, explaining how to get the best from my listing and showing me how easy it is to upload images of my artwork – that was a big help. Now I can refresh my photos and descriptions whenever I make new pieces. You saved me quite a lot of $$$, because I definitely don’t need an expensive website now! I’m looking forward to getting my first customer enquiries through your Direct Messaging system and I’ve just had new business cards printed with your web address so my clients can go straight to my ‘online art gallery’ day or night.”


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